Protein powder without glyphosate (or any other pesticides)

Unfortunately a lot of protein powders are contaminated with pesticide residue, especially glyphosate. The following are the best protein powders without glyphosate, proven by lab results and independently certified in many cases. Our favorite protein powder is also certified to be free of all 200+ pesticides that they tested for (that included atrazine too).

Puori Whey Protein Powder - Bourbon Vanilla - PW1 Pasture Raised, Grass-Fed & Non-GMONoNo (no other pesticides either)I guess not (does have "natural flavor" and a gum)Pasture-raised
Puori Vegan Plant Protein Enhancer PowderNoNo (no other pesticides either)No (unless you count rapeseed oil)No
Zego - Purity Verified Plant Protein, Organic, Vegan (Sacha Inchi)NoNoNoorganic
Organifi: Complete Protein Vanilla Flavor - Organic Vegan Plant Based Protein Powdera little lead and arsenic, and a bit more of cadmium - i think its fairly good overall though
Noi guess not (theres various flavors but they're all natural)
Pounamu Natural Whey Protein Concentrate Powderit's tested and they say it has no more than is naturally in the milkNomostly - has lecithin but thats it
grass-fed, free range
PEScience Select Vegan Plant Based Protein Powder, Vanilla, 27 Serving, Pea and Brown Rice BlendNo - but i wonder, since its brown rice

Clean protein powder means no pesticides, heavy metals, or additives

We’re pretty careful about what we put into our bodies. Nothing unnatural! So we are only recommending protein powder that has also been tested to have zero or minimal heavy metals in it. We also are avoiding unnatural additives (like dyes or artificial flavoring).

The dangers of pesticides in your protein powder

Sadly, pesticides get into all sorts of food products. Protein powders are pretty commonly contaminated with glyphosate and other pesticides, since they are frequently either pea protein, which gets sprayed a lot usually, or they are cow-based products and factory-farmed cows are usually exposed to a great deal of pesticide too. But we want protein powder without pesticide residue in it, because pesticide is so bad for our health. (the factory farm system is also cruel to the cows, which is important to stop too.)

Whey protein powder without glyphosate would come from this vintage cow
If the cow grazes organic fields, there’s no pesticides.

Protein powders without pesticide do exist

All in all, you really want to use a pesticide free protein powder. We only recommend products where we are pretty certain it really is free of glyphosate, or (ideally ) all pesticides. We know that when the company posts lab results showing no glyphosate in their protein powder. The best is when these lab results are independently certified. Two organizations that are doing great work independently certifying foods to be pesticide-free are the Clean Label Project and the Detox Project.

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